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November 6, 2020



$4.99 USD


Double Turn is a pro-wrestling party brawler with fast arcade fighting. Hop into the ring and master the simple melee combat in 2-4 player local versus matches.

The core combat is simple: strike, grab, throw, and block. Turn up the heat and charge up your signature move to takedown your opponent in style. The gameplay is quick to pick up and easy to learn. Strike to throw powerful fists and quick elbows, block to defend against attacks, and throw your foe with classic wrestling maneuvers. Fighting builds heat, heat unlocks your signature, and signatures get you championships.

Brawl in 2-4 player local versus modes inspired by wrestling gimmick matches. Mix up the mayhem by introducing extreme ring hazards like tables, ladders, and cages. Or go it alone and test your skills in the solo challenges: Battle Royal and Gauntlet.

Grapple with one of four wrestlers: the high flying masked luchadora underdog, the tough-as-nails street fighting heel, the fierce master of strong style, and the fan favorite babyface.


Double Turn was started as a one-hit-kill fighting game prototype in early 2017 with the aim of fusing the quick fast-paced gameplay of platform fighters and the allure of professional wrestling. Double Turn takes from the wrestling archetypes, gimmicks, and movesets to create a hand-to-hand arena fighter. Everything from the "heat" mechanic to the character names were born out of a love of wrestling and bringing the feeling of a match to the screen.

We released Double Turn on Steam in Early Access on April 12, 2018. After a few months of development and a hiatus in 2019, development resumed in 2020 and the full release of Double Turn landed on November 6, 2020.


  • Fast-paced platform fighter
  • Melee-focused arcade combat
  • Brawl in 2-4 player local versus matches
  • Test your skills in solo challenge modes
    • Battle Royal: Survive in the ring against waves of 20 other fighters
    • Gauntlet: Fight against the full roster in back-to-back matches
  • Take the mantle of one of four pro-wrestlers




Inwave Labs, LLC hereby grants permission for the contents of Double Turn to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Creators may monetization videos created containing assets from Double Turn, including video and audio obtained in-game. This permission can be found in writing at


Kenny Goff

Design & Programming

Phil Giarrusso

Art & Animation

Orb Soundwerx

Audio Production


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